Wednesday, September 26, 2007


"In my whole life, I long to see for someone how different I am. You did. And for that you will be always in my heart. But what I need was for me to see it. Now I understand. You are sweet and precious for me, but you are living in the world that is NO PLACE for someone like me"
I always believe that love will leave us someday.. but somehow, love will lead you back. It might the same love or perhaps other love. But one thing we know is that we are never alone. This world is quite challenging. Nevertheless, we can say that our prison is walking tru this world all alone. The loneliness always looking for a friend. It chases us just like the wave of ocean fly tru our head and got drowned (if we dont know how to swim!).
Someone has told me that tears come as long as smile. We cant predict what will happen in the future. Thats what we called it life. Life is a journey. No wonder, people say that life is beautiful. That why, treasure all the memories we have and look back - whatever's gone on in your life - it's not too hard to be positive and look ahead, with more pleasant of the memories to make the journey a little easier. And these very memories which I cherish so, are the reasons behind why I started blogging.