Saturday, December 15, 2007

Asian Idol 2007

First of all, I would like to say Good Luck to all contestant in the Asian Idol which is taken place in Jakarta, Indonesia. They are very talented person, well known in their country and a best bet to win this title. My favourite singer to win this competition are Jaclyn Victor, Mike Mohede and Mau Marcel. But of course I hope Jac will win it because I seen a lot of her show and is very promising. I like Jac because she has a very powerfull voice which I believe it extra ordinary and will pull her out from the domestic show to international. Mau Marcelo was a good singer too. She has a saprano voice and got the vibrato to shake your heart. Mike Mohede is also fantastic. His voice was amazing. I dont quite recognize the other contestant (Abhijeet, Mike and Phoung) but sure they have a classy voice to present to that competition. My overall comment to their performance last nite was just OK. If its rated 1 to 5 star, I will definately pick 2 stars for the presentation. Why?? Because they all playing safe in it. Just ordinary. Its like you put condom to your dick to fuck your wife! Ah! See it your self and give your comment.

Jaclyn Victor - I like her first peformance, a song from Stevie Wonder. I like the move and the voice. For the second song, I rather pick another version of Gemilang that she sang before. It played very safe that I don't enjoy. I am waitting for her very powerfull voice to be projected in Gemilang but I dont see it! Very disappointed. Or else she need to sing another song better than Gemilang which I see Cinta Tiada Akhirnya is more suitable if she sings a slower music. I understand she is not fully recovered from the previous competition (Ikon Asia)and she live in a very humble life... that also make her looks nervous. Anyway.. I agree that her peformance was really an international standard. You go girl!

Mike Mohede - His soft voice can make me fall in love. He peform effortless to ensure the heart of the audience captured silently! Both song were deliverd extreme well! I like your voice dude!

Abhijeet Sawant - You overdo the eye closing dude.. anyway, his voice was unique. I believe he did everything to ensure his continuity in this competition.

Phoung Vy - I like her first peformance! Inspiring and bring me to dance too. She is not just beautiful but she smiles all they way of the competition. The queen of the confident tonight. I don't agree with the commentor form the Philippine saying that she perform lack. For me she did it very good and I like her peformance.

Mau Marcelo - From two row of song I think she did it very safe way! As I said before that all the contestant were singing safe way too. I like her first perfomance. I can see that she managed to deliver it well with good control to her voice and breath. For the second song, I expect she will earth quake the stage but she can't because I personally like Gloria's perfomance than what she did it there in Jakarta.

Hady Mirza - I like his perfomance... what can I say? He sing a short song and I don't see his true potential. But its interesting. For me, his tone is quite similar with Once (Dewa) from the Indonesia and Christian Bautista which is mixed up and conquering your soul. Great job Hady!

Work in the holiday

'Called to duty while having sex' is the similarities with today's topic. I was coloring my hair in a saloon.. I mean.. hair lighting to be more precise when a phone call reach me. I was shock at the moment because I already bleach some of my hair and yet have to attend course in KWSP Building in Kota Kinabalu. My first thought was 'how am I going to cover my hair light?'. There is no reverse way to do it unless I colored my hair with black. But its useless and wasting my money. I already paid RM28 for my new look! Ah.. Dog damn it! I don't want that fierce old lady to see it because she will be turned mad and probably complaint it in front of others... it is embarrassing! But I made up my mind with this totally all-round-globe fantastic thinking --> WHATEVER! So, I went to the place and attend that course peacefully. I am so relieved when I found out that she was in Ipoh! phewww..
So, this is the KWSP Building. Very beautiful with its glass windows. I also captured he view of Lembaga Hasil Dalam Negeri (Tax Council of Malaysia) from the 5th floor of the KWSP building.

KWSP Building, KK

Lembaga Hasil Dalam Negeri

I'm having a very important job there (from 10 -11 December) because it has something to do with all the youngsters of Sabah aged 12 in 2008. Mind if I tell you this is secret? Yup.. my friends already know. On my way back to hotel, I saw this appealing car on the car parking lot. The rim was spectacular and sporty. Check it!

Japanese Food

How does it feel to have Japanese food on your mouth and then go through your empty stomach? I have to say that is is so wonderful because it is seldom eaten by Malaysian and not all restaurant offered Japanese food. Therefore, we have to go to a right place which provide Japanese food. For those of you who lived in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, I highly recommend Japanese Dream Food Restaurant which is located 4th floor of Center Point Shopping Complex. The floor is also known as Palm Square. Or else, you can also go to Nagasaki Restaurant which is also offered Japanese Food for their customer. Its located not far from Gaya Street and placed same building with Tong Hing Shop. Here is some of the food.

Forgot the name because am not eat this. However, it should related with 'sakana' which mean fish in this dish.

Torikatsu Noodle (Chicken + Rice and a noodle soup)

Sakana Tempura (a fish fried with tempura flour).

Tempura (Rice + chicken + cookies + fries)
These are only some of the food tasted by me and a friend. The sushi, the dorayaki and the pudding which are available from the motion train in the middle of the restaurant is not included. To be honest, this is my third time to taste Japanese food for the rest of my life. This experienced was not an accident.. I mean, I never plan or think to taste Japanese food for I rather eat anything else. But when my friend and his sister brought me to this fabulous extravagant idea, I was totally fall and because of that my second and third visit was a plan an nevermore accident. I introduced two of my colleague to have dinner with me there. And they were very excited! I like to see my friend happy, neither do you right?
These food were taken place for our dinner. On the same day, I already eat delicious dish from Secret Recepie Restaurant is in Warisan Plaza, a new building next to Centre Point. These foods were very special too.

Oreo Cheeze and Chocolate Cake

I really enjoy to eat this food and never forget to come back here one day to taste another taste. I really can't wait!

Friday, December 14, 2007

Prison Break [Season 2]

Did you enjoy Prison Break Season 1? Well here we are talking about Prison Break Season 2. First, let me re-tell what is this movie all about. The story revolves around a man named Lincoln Burrows who was sentenced to death for a crime he did not commit and his brother's (Michael Scofield) elaborate plan to help him escape his death sentence. He did a tatoo in his body and that become his key to succeed escaping from that damn prison.
Prison Break which consists of 22 episodes is directly follows from the first season finale. It begins eight hours after the prison escape from Fox River State Penitentiary, focusing mainly on the escapees. New characters are introduced, including federal agent Alexander Mahone, who is assigned to track down and capture the eight escapees.
The fugitives journey to locations across America with the authorities close behind them as they each pursue their individual goals. Michael and Linc are heading to Panama to begin new life with new identity. Fernando Sucre is dying to see his loved one.And the others also have their own agend after escaping. But first and foremost, they need a money to make their escapes more guaranteed.
The secondary plot involving the political conspiracy develops as The Company continues their plan to locate and eliminate Lincoln Burrows and others who get in their way. Though on the surface much of the storyline concerning the conspiracy concludes by the season finale, there are indications that both the role of The Company and that of Michael Scofield are far more complicated and interrelated than it appears.