Sunday, October 28, 2007

I Now Pronounce You CHUCK and LARRY

I heard about this movie long before it was officially hits the Malaysia Cinema. The review was made by The Ticket TV program which is under broadcast of Astro Channel V. I wonder what made this movie so popular and ever reach the first hits in US or UK’s cinema. Now, I am about to find out.

The story is about two very best friend Chuck and Larry who happened to be a fire fighter. Larry is a widower and have trouble naming his own two kids as his life insurance beneficiaries. To get rid of it, Larry asked Chuck a favour to be his domestic partner. Since they we very best friend and willing to do anything for each other, Chuck agreed and they signed up for legitimate marriage. Not to mention that Chuck owed his life to Larry. What do we called that? Friendship forever? Whatever!.. and so, they journey begins..

To do this legitimate wedding, to delude the bureaucrat; they have to head Ontario Canada. Here is the first thing what makes it funny. They read the signboard all weird like wedding balls, great near endings, till dicks do us apart... not to mention what happened in their wedding ceremony with that crappy fake priest who is obsessed with that circle thing (I guess).. here, its repeated. The rings are symbols of eternity. There is no beginning, there is no ending – because it is circle. It is not triangle. Triangle had the corner.. but ring is circle.. it is a proud of your love together, forever for all eternity because it is circle…
After being married, they both has through a hilarious charade of domestics bliss under one roof. One of it is when Larry have a talk to the kindergarten kids about his job and unexpectedly, these kids were asking other than what is being the topic like ‘ I don’t like girl either, does it mean I’m, gay too?’ and ‘Your are marrying to a woman, right? Is that mean you are half-lesbian?’. Haha.. those kids are funny because they don’t understand it. For adult, their expectation is different. Some are so relieved to know someone with same interest and some got scared. More over to the authorities, they really want to make sure that this is real. So Chuck and Larry have to be very gay this time or get busted! They have to confess things that is not real to keep the lies moving smooth like singing Beautiful by James Blunt, and for Chuck, he have to admit like this ‘ I’d say my sweet sensitive eyes like that better of the kittens’ and he made the move! This is also hilarious that almost put me on floor for a while with the LOL!

And at last, I don’t have to elaborate it until you guys see it on your own. For me, friendship is what beyond it and… this movie has boosted up some of my English.. isn’t it fabulo-cious??! Ok, here is some part of it.. enjoy!
This is their wedding ceremony with too many 'circle'!
Larry is talking to the kindergarden student.. listen...

They singing I'm every woman (by Whitney Houston).. check their ass!

Tyre Banks

I hope I don’t confuse anyone here with this title Tyre Banks because it seems like Tyra Banks in glimpse but it wasn’t. This is not a story about Tyra Banks (former modeling) but it is about a place where all the tyres are placed. A friend who just got her tyre punctured gives me idea to write this post.

It begins when my tyre got punctured and it was 7.15 in the afternoon. It is already dark and I don’t know where exactly I am.. like it was in the middle of no where. From afar I can see a tiny dot of light that belong to villager house. I realize am away from it and even away 7 km from my house (estimate ok!). So, I just pull all the tools I need and it!.. 40 minutes later, my red car is ready to hit the road! I’m so grateful that my day was fine and that ‘puncture’ things didn’t gives me fatal accident… therefore guys, drive safe and please make sure that you car is in good condition before bring them to broooommmmmmm!

Look at its wound!.. so bad!

There you go baby.. new pampers ok.. hehe

Minal aidil wal-faizin

First of all, I would like to greet all Malaysian Happy Ramadan Al-Mubarak especially to those Muslim who struggle hard for their one month fast. Minal aidil wal-faizin (I don’t know if I typed it correctly; hopefully I was). I have two friends from Arab and I regret I don’t know how to greet them Selamat Hari Raya in right terms. I did wish them Happy Hari Raya Aidilfitri and luckily they recognize the word ‘aidil’ and they said .. ‘Ramadan Al-Mubarak?” then I said.. “yes”. OMG that is so hilarious thing I ever experienced because I never pay attention about this till now! I only know how to eat cookies…duh! And to get rid of it, I contacted my friend (Ustaz) and here what I’ve got. Solved!

Kullum am waantum bikhair.. taqqaballahuminna waminkum minnal a’mulussalihaat… Happy eidul mubarak.

Talking about Hari Raya celebration, we usually go to my aunt house each year. Last year, me and some friends went to celebrate hari raya with one of the makcik we knew. And we have good time together. Here are the pictures.

This is in our lovely clerk house.. Pn. Amnah

This is in Makcik Hadijah's house

This is my very malay look pic with Makcik Hadijah and Husband :)

These are some of the food served to us.. Yumm! :P~~~

Sunday, October 21, 2007


Familiar with this word blacklisted? Been dealing with it before? I have and still on. It happened in my past. I have an old friend who happened to be a lover with someone that at last became my new friend. This old friend of mine is kind of freaky, sad ass liar, into exaggerating and once this old friend gets angry, it mess up with everybody in the room. Know what I am saying? This new friend of mine who commit loving this old friend BUT unable to handle / tackle this old friend’s egos. What an immature attitude to settle down problems by crying..hmmm..thats them. To be honest, they both have issues. That has made my life turned up and down, always caught in the middle when they were fighting. And because of my old friend had messed up with their skunk gang and they cannot afford to pay back, they find another target – me. They start to compare each inch of my action with this old friend. This is so sick. I don’t think I need to earn their damn thing just because my friend has mess up with them. What could be worse when all the people in the same house shared history of mouth-mouth fighting? Let myself got involved? No way! I doubt my survival. I need revival and so I’ve pulled my ass back before it hits my head. What a hard decision. And now, they were broken up and the gang turned they back on me.. they deleted my phone number and not even talking. What a pathetic way of revenge. Immature- what can I say? Last thing I did was to save their asses so that they will be together but what I’ve got? Blacklisted! Very ungrateful!

Lies, Denial and then Truth!

At first, I dont think I would like to post this thought of mine. But thinking it was my effort to write and consider it as one of my 'writing' is valuable, then here I go. I was on duty as a checkpoint in the Merdeka Marathon when I wrote this. I felt so boring so I make this new post to my blog. Last night, I saw that person online and as usual, we didn’t talk. Actually I am tired of being denied. Our last conversation was in SMS. I think everybody will agree with me that this is kind of denial  “Siapa ni?..Napa? Ada hal penting?”

This is only a kind. I received lot more. By the way, I was hung up twice before that SMS. Think, if you were me, you trusted that person, u respect that person, you have no intention to disturb, you were sincere to at least to say ‘how r u?’ .. Will you ever imagine to have replied like this? Tell me what it feels when you tried to call someone- you were hung up, then after introduce yourself, you got such kind of SMS? Piss off man! I get it now. All the feeling that the person has given me wasn’t genuine. It derived from desperation with another person which is then stimulated to me. Noting more, nothing else, nothing less. Think back, is this what the person means by ‘teman tapi mesra’? Well, yeah.. teman tapi mesra my ass! LMAO.

Of course I was dump already. No big deal and I don’t want to say bad things or complaint about it… It is just that I’m so relieve because I know the truth about what was going on. TRUTH comes after LIES. I’m fine! In fact, DENIAL is cover to the LIES. It is not my best interest to lead on and not a good intention to punish someone. All I wanted to do is to move on to be what I am…keeping the truth that I have no place to stay in that person’s heart. Sooner or later, I will learn to love my solitude.

Tribute to Dr. Sheikh Muzaphar Syukur

First of all, I would like to congratulate our Dr. Sheikh Muzaphar Syukur for being the first astronaut of Malaysia. As for now, I can say that you are truly inspiration to all of the youngsters and the whole Malaysian as well. Although we don’t know each other, but deep in our heart, there is a goal to pursue – to serve this lovely country of Malaysia.

Being the first Malaysian ever to travel with that Soyuz Capsule is such an honour. Because of that, you become the most popular guy. We look up to you as the brightest star in the clear night sky. You are the pioneer. People adore your achievement. Therefore, we hope that you can be a model of this nations and examples to those driven, ambitious and encouraged youth.

The moment you take off from earth to ISS is the moment you lift the Malaysia name to the world. It attracts people attention. For those admire you, they gave you compliment and appreciation. They even say ‘I Love You’ to show their respects to you. And for those who have this narrow band mind, would say this is kind of critics. They said that it such a waste which I think was spoke by the politic loser. I can see now why they are unsuccessful in politic. There are also brat voices from outsiders mentioned that you are astourist rather than as an astronauts. Those guys are green with envy and their agenda is to insult Malaysia on purpose. I don’t know why they have to be that way.. maybe they seen different sun and moon up there. Or maybe they eat gold and drink petrol as their daily diet? I don’t have to answer but it seems to us that this big brother of nations got jealous to his potential young brother (Malaysia).

Just what I’ve said, tears come as long as smiles. There is no easy road to successful. Meaning to say, there is no gain without pain (No pain, no gain). This is the road we pick and there are challenges. All we need to do is to be strong and well prepared. For Dr. Sheikh, we are glad to have you up there, near to the other creation of God. You made us proud. And for that, hope you always remember this, FOR WE WALK BY FAITH, NOT BY SIGHT!

Sunday, October 14, 2007

Meaning beyond your FLIRT name!

Everybody has a name .. or names.. are they? Me either have a name. Here..
It reads as “Slash dash slash vertical line underscore slash dash slash…” you know the rest. I don’t have to explain it.
Ok now, here is the definition or the meaning beyond your name… try it. It wont hurt and absolutely free.

A – You do your thinking in silent manner
B – You take cautions to each new person you know
C - You are funny and have the courage to take it in action
D – Hard for you to trust others
E – You are charming
F – Everybody loves you
G –You have your own strength to evaluate someone
H - You don’t like to punish others
I – You like to smile and make everybody smiles back to you
J – You are jealous
K – You like to try something new
L – You believe that love is serious matter and need to be appreciated
M – Easy for you to successful
N – You like to work but at the same time, you’d like to take some rest
O – You are open minded
P – You are warm and understanding person
Q – You are hypocrite
R – You are social person
S – You have this wide perspective manner
T – You have a great creditability
U – You think that you are equal with others
V – You have the look and shape
W – You like privacy
X – You don’t listen to advice
Y - You are the trouble maker
Z - You are fighter

Remaja Magazine, October 2007 issue (page 140)

Friday, October 12, 2007

Car colour- Clue to your personality

The Malaysian Women’s Weekly- November 2001 issue (Page 142) tells that our pick to car’s colour can reveal our personality. The study is based on ancient Egyptians beliefs that colour was the key to our emotions, individuality and even physical well-being. Today, studies have proven that your choice of car colour is one of the biggest clues to your personality. Research has shown that customers are always drawn to the car colour that connects them to their true temperament.

You’re a go-getter
Silver is the colour of aeroplanes, rocket ships and speeding bullets – and just like those, you move at breakneck speed. Silver car owners are not likely to dwell on problems. Instead, you pick yourself up, dust yourself off and take action! No roadblock slows you down; whether it’s a tight budget or leaky sink you confront obstacles by dreaming up your unique solutions. Though you may sometimes get discouraged, you never let things get you down- and the results you get when you try and try again are amazing.

You reach for the stars
Just like the little black dress, a black car symbolises powerm prestige and elegance, although you’re happy with your job, friends and lived ones, you strive towards elevating yourself whenever you can. Whether you exercise regularly at the gym or save your extra grocery marketing money for the kids’ university fees, your philosophy is “You’ll never get anywhere if you don’t try!” that’s why you and your family are on your way up- full speed ahead.

You’re the queen of reason
White car-lovers tend to be calm and collected, assessing the while picture before reacting, since you’re such a reasonable person, other trust you to handle problems in a fair manner. Your calm determination always gets the job done – but when the road gets rocky, let your heart lead the way. It’ll never steer you wrong.

You’re fuelled by emotion
Red-car buyers have passionate temperaments that are fuelled by their emotions and run on their instinct. Since you’re so in tune with your intuition, your choices are usually right on target! Your natural intuition makes you sensitive to the unspoken signals of others, and friends often marvel your ‘sixth sense’ for picking up on hidden details. That’s why your advice – and our counsel – are so highly valued.

You’re generous
Traditionally, green is not only the colour of money, but also of generosity and faith. That’s why green-car owners are the first to give of their time and money when others are in need. And because you like to see people happy, you delight in giving gifts and often bring home little trinkets for a loved one. Your belief that it’s better to give than to receive ensures you’ll always travel along the road to fulfilment.

You’re optimistic
Blue-car owners drive on the sunny side of the street because they’re optimistic people. Your good humour is so appreciated that everyone you know feels a little lighter once they’ve spent a few minutes with you! His upbeat attitude keeps you healthy and youthful – and winds you enough good friends to fill a people-mover van.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

The Natural Love Bites in Your Body has a meaning!

I had this mole next to my upper lips (just like Cindy Crawford) and I wonder if there is any mean.Instead of looking someone’s butt, we can also predict someone’s character by locate the moles (a.k.a moleoscopy) in their skin Said the Cleo Magazine. The shape and location of moles on the body indicate a lot about a person’s character. It says that the bigger, darker and multiple moles have more significance that smaller, lighter and less-noticeable ones. Check this out!

Forehead: If located on the right side, you’re very lucky; recognition, honours, fame and great wealth could be yours. If it’s on the left, life will be a bit of struggle and you’ll have to work hard for success.

Eyebrows: a mole between your brows indicates that you’re excitable, active and a deep thinker. The larger it is, the more selfish you can be, and you need to keep your ego in check.

Eyes, or close to: indicates honesty and forthrightness, but can also mean low self-esteem and a need for lots of attention and love. Be careful who you choose as friend and lovers.

Nose: you’re sincere, loyal and an excellent marriage or business partner. You can also achieve wealth no matter what circumstances life brings you.

Cheeks: You’re serious, spiritual and always searching fro life’s purpose. You’re not interested in superficial relationships or wealth - you’d rather find inner peace and meaning.

Lips, or close to: You’re never satisfied, always searching for perfection within yourself and are very self-critical. The more towards the left the mole is, the more you tend to dwell on the past and yearn for greener pastures.

Chin: You love challenges and none are too big to face – you strive for success and will achieve a lot through your conscientious and commonsense approach to life.

Neck: You’re sincere, shy, gently and classy, and quite selective with your friends and lovers. You’ll have ups and downs in life, but you’ll get through them all and come out on top.

Shoulders: You excel in sports. A mole on your left shoulder can reveal a tendency to be easily satisfied, which can lead to happiness, while one on the right shoulder indicates you’re careful and loyal yet a little restless.

Arms: If it’s on the left arm, you’re polite, serious and determined on the right shoulder indicates you’re careful and yet a little restless.
Chest: You’re family-oriented but can struggle with finances and tend to be a little lazy at times.

Breasts: A mole on the right breast means you’re good in relationships but sometimes can be argumentative and a bit of a troublemaker; one on the left reveals you’re active, health-conscious and interested in outdoor activities.

Stomach: You love a good time, food and good friends, but you can sometimes be a little self-indulgent. You may also have a weakness for gambling and be a tad impatient.

Bottom: Indicates that you’re highly sexed but lacking in ambition.

Legs: You’ll experience many changes in life and perhaps even live in a foreign country. You’re adaptable to change, always moving and changing jobs. A mole on the left leg can indicate a bad temper and possible laziness; on the right reveals that you are energetic but may run from commitments.

Feet: You need to feel secure and don’t really like taking big risks. You’re thoughtful, willing to share, practical and have a good sense of humour.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Butt Reading

Do you believe that we can read someone’s character based on their physical? I don’t know but CLEO Magazine on their July 2007 issue (Page 220) mentioned that we can be a psychic by reading man’s bum and tell our future. Butt reading – scarily accurate methods that will unlock your destiny just by gawking at his behind! Check it out!

Kiwi Fruit
Someone with a small, firm, tight butt holds their emotions inside and runs on nervous energy. If they don’t learn how to get those emotions out, they could have disasters love affairs, which start off strong but then end for no real reason. High levels of stress can lead to physical symptoms, so it’s important to stay healthy, exercise and eat correctly. Drama is also more likely for this group.

These people are very passionate about everything, and they make great lovers with the right person. They’re very popular with the opposite sex, and can sometimes be led to temptation, so they need someone really special who’ll keep them from getting restless. Goal-oriented, pears are very successful in life. They’re also great mates, loyal friends and lovers of family tradition and children.

They can be a bit of a know-it-all, but they’re very funny, down-to-earth and extremely loyal, as well as very loving and talkative. In extreme cases some beans are very tight with money. They’re forever starting something new, like exercise, a diet or study course, but can lack the willpower to finish what they started unless they see success early on.

If their bottom is shapely and firm, they’re sensual and enjoy all that life has to offer. Watermelons are very good listeners, ambitious but can sometimes be insecure. They hold a lot of other people’s secret, and are often misunderstood, so they must ensure they clarify their thoughts when talking with others. This group loves music and also appreciates family.

This type of loves harmony and is well-balanced with an even temper. Generally optimistic, they’re very adaptable to change, and need challenges otherwise they could become bored. They may appear shy and reserved around love matters, but watch them - they are highly sexed with the right partner. Peaches are honest with traditional values, but can be people pleasers at times.

Like being busy, and will attract many friends from all walks of life. They’re charismatic, highly talented and excellent communicators but, most of all, they’re hard working. Their choice of partner is very important as they can’t stand clinging vines – they desperately need their freedom. Oranges also refuse to tolerate fools and have a shrewd business sense.

Membakut Lake Eco Training Center. June 19-21, 2007.

This year has been wonderful to me. Instead of having fun in Miri, Sarawak and Labuan, now I have the chance to stay at Membakut Lake Eco Training Centre. We were told that the name of the place should be Membakut River Eco Resort Centre (in the invitation letter). It confusing at first but I have no time to think about it better than my preparation. How to get there? What should I bring? Condom? Whatever..

A capacity of four passengers in a Silver Toyota Hilux which is now only three with one seat is taken by our luggage travelling from our home town to Papar. Its been a long and rainy journey to get us here. Now, we have a reason to believe that it is Membakut Lake Eco Training Centre. The sign board! Back to our first question in head which is correct either Membakut River bla bla or Membakut Lake bla bla.. The answer seems easy when diagnosed from its geography. Before the training centre, there is a river. If we heading further passing the training centre, there will be a lake. So both name is make sense now. But when come to pick between resort and training centre?? The usage of ‘training centre’ is most suitable answer just like they care (too!).

Membakut Lake Eco Training Centre is situated about 12 KM from Pekan Membakut and 5KM away from the main road. It covers about 3 – 5 acre flat land in the middle of oil palm estate. Its building was 95% stranded by wood. The floor was risen almost a meter from ground level to avoid sink when there is flood. Everything I said is based on my wild estimation because I don’t have any source but my memory. There is no brochure or any articles regarding it even in their district’s website.

Staying there about 4 days and 3 nights was most likely living in the sardine can. The air conditioner in our room and in the course room was unable to supply the right temperature. The river level also risen to flood and put the place in siege. The rainy days made the place wet and muddy. So, when come to this question; what are you doing there? What happened? is a training center. As we come out from there, we become trainer lah!..haha..Actually, I happened to be a presenter in my group and accidentally, I become one of the four top presenters from other group. The following night, I won the 4th place in chess competition and it is unplanned too. Wauuuuu!

This picture is taken in front of the Membakut Lake Eco Training Center while our Hilux was still trapped in the mud… and this Kancil?? It is an accessories for this picture!

Thursday, October 4, 2007

My Visit to Labuan. May 28, 2007

I have a classmate from Labuan. Since then, it sparkle my interest to visit there. I was so busy lately and have no time to plan my vacation until one day I have contact with my old friend. She told me that she was in KK and willing to escort me. Sunday 27, 4.00 pm, we left the KK harbor heading to Labuan. I really have fun traveling with ferry for the first time.. I mean, first time ferry and Labuan. Cool isn’t it?!
From afar, I can see the huge building from the seaside. I was told that it was the financial building. It also known as U.K (Ujana Kewangan). My watch shows us its already 6 o’clock. I and my friend Alfred really need to hurry to so that we can have our refreshment a.s.a.p. Pity for us because there most of the hotel were full house. Beside, today is Sunday! Of course there are lots of visitors in weekends. With some help from my ex-classmate, we finally got a room in Classic Hotel that is located at the very end of the building line, adjacent to market! Yeww… it is sucks but we don’t have any option either.
The long journey was tiring and we overslept till 9.00 a.m in the next day (Monday). The ray of sun already filled the atmosphere. I know this is perfect sign to get rock! My friend Chai Yan waiting patiently downstairs with her maroon Vios! Wow, I cant pretend that I am not jealous with it haha.. . So, we went to take our breakfast with a clay pot noodle. After then we went to War Memorial Park, Chimney, Bird Park, Marine Center, Labuan Museum and at last was UK!
I really have a wonderful experience visiting Labuan and I hope that I can do it again someday. In other word, I wish to travel somewhere so that I can forget my problems that haunting me. Broken heart can be filled with traveling too right?

This is my picture in Museum of Marine Biology.

This is The Labuan War Cemetery and Memorial. The remains of 3,908 soldiers of Australian, British, some Punjab Signal Corp, New Zealand and as well as a few local was interred at this cemetery. Every first Sunday of November, a service to mark Remembrance Day is held here. It is also visited regularly by War Veteran Group especially from Australia and they have included Labuan as an important destination on their battle –field tours circuit.

The ‘Chimney’ – An Archeological Mystery stand at 106 feet high and made from more than 23, 000 pieces of red bricks imported from England. It is believed to be linked to the coal mining days of Labuan. The ‘Chimney’ is still very much a mystery until today. Various hypothesis has been put forward to its purpose. Some said it was an unfinished mansion. While others said it was a light house beaconing passing ships. In its heyday, a thriving settlement was built at the sea front area below the Chimney. It was then used as a bell tower to announce the arrival of ships to the residents below. It has become an intriguing riddle that fascinates locals and visitors alike.

This is one of my picture in The Labuan Birds Park. I have to find shade place so that no birds droppings in my head while taking this piture.

This is one of the interesting mummied-bird in Labuan Birds Park. IT is Starring at you!

Labuan Birds Park form the sky view. I did fly! That's why I've got this picture :P

For more info, click here