Sunday, October 21, 2007


Familiar with this word blacklisted? Been dealing with it before? I have and still on. It happened in my past. I have an old friend who happened to be a lover with someone that at last became my new friend. This old friend of mine is kind of freaky, sad ass liar, into exaggerating and once this old friend gets angry, it mess up with everybody in the room. Know what I am saying? This new friend of mine who commit loving this old friend BUT unable to handle / tackle this old friend’s egos. What an immature attitude to settle down problems by crying..hmmm..thats them. To be honest, they both have issues. That has made my life turned up and down, always caught in the middle when they were fighting. And because of my old friend had messed up with their skunk gang and they cannot afford to pay back, they find another target – me. They start to compare each inch of my action with this old friend. This is so sick. I don’t think I need to earn their damn thing just because my friend has mess up with them. What could be worse when all the people in the same house shared history of mouth-mouth fighting? Let myself got involved? No way! I doubt my survival. I need revival and so I’ve pulled my ass back before it hits my head. What a hard decision. And now, they were broken up and the gang turned they back on me.. they deleted my phone number and not even talking. What a pathetic way of revenge. Immature- what can I say? Last thing I did was to save their asses so that they will be together but what I’ve got? Blacklisted! Very ungrateful!

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