Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Spelling Error #2

Whether we realize or not, we made lots of mistake regarding spelling. Even an adult cannot run away from this problem. I witnessed some spelling error around the places that I visited. I saw a butcher spells 'hotdog' as 'hodok'. A waiter wrote 'borking' which mean 'booking' in a piece of paper to tell people that the table is not avaiable (supposed to say booked or taken). But, let me show you this ....

This kid wanted to write "otot yang saya gunakan hari ini.." but she spelled it "toto yang saya gunakan hari ini..". Its in Malay and whats funny was the word 'otot' (muscle) spelled in other way as 'toto' which is bad words. 'Toto' which refers to vagi*a is a slang (at least I consider it as slang since I dont know what race own that language). So, if you translated that sentence, it sounded in english as "the vagi*na that I used today are..".. and the lists continued... ain't if funny?? or not funny at all? But for me, this is not happen on all day, so its funny :)

Normally, people spelled wrong because of of lack of knowledge and education especially adult, and second is, it is occur to begineers (primary student). This is just my opinion. It is whether we dont know how to spell or we typed / write it wrong. So, what ever is it, who cares what 'toto' that is being used because after all, size does matter.. hahah.. look!

** I tried to change the position but it wont work... but never mind lah.. as long as readable..