Sunday, June 22, 2008

My friend's wedding

Date: 1 June 2008
Venue : Kg. Rosok, Kota Belud.

I have three classmate from Kota Belud while we are in college. They are Martha, Rukinah and Azari. Rukinah got married first, then Martha and Azari. He is one of my best friends. We usually sit together in the same table at the time of lecture and stick in one group if there is any group works. Sometimes we have misunderstanding, debate and sometimes when situation goes harder, we hurt each other feeling. But at last, we manage to control our emo and steadily reconnect the good relationship.

I was in Kota Marudu when he announced his wedding. I was proudly invited and here we are again with the same team. Congratulation to you my friend and thanks for the invitation.

This is the the present that I gave him... not expensive but ok la..

From the your left is Oboyz, Trisha, Lan neng, Leo, Azari (the bridgegroom) and Jels.

Complimentary present from Azari and spouse.. thanks dude.. its in my car :)

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Date : 30 May 2008
Venue : Kg. Gonok, Kota Belud.

A friend of mine, Martha Emy is having her wedding ceremony in her parents house in Kg. Gonok. I don’t know where is this village name taken.. perhaps it is from word ‘togonok’ in Rungus language which means house flies. Hehe.. joking! Martha was my college mate in Keningau. We are close enough because we were also a classmate. In group activity, Martha will always with the smartest student.

Two weeks ago, she caught my glimpse in a restaurant in KK. She handed me the wedding invitation. It had come to my intention not to come there (at first) because I’m don’t have enough information about which road to use. Plus, I don’t want my dear MyVi to get hurt by the pebbles and dust along the road. Instead of thinking these bad situations, I tried to think positively. I bring along my friends through the long and dusty journey to her ceremony.

I do a lot of ‘pongivasan’ this week. Night before her wedding, we were at Kg. Paradason, Kudat. Also ‘mongivas’ in my friends house, Fadrin. We did ‘aramaiti’ and today, we did the ‘aramaiti’ again in her house. Fun but dangerous!

Pongivasan – a place of the party or ceremony held (wedding)
Mongivas – attending party or ceremony
Aramaitii – a slang used to express the enjoyment and happiness. Sometimes refers to a drinking alcohol activity.

My dear MyVi 1.3 S.E have to suffer on the dusty and long winded journey.. when I back home, I found it scratched on its lips.. huhu..

This picture is taken on the shooting field of Kem Paradise, not far from the bride's home.

Oboyz look like a Korean, Jels more like an England boy and me.. Brazilian..

Mahligai that contain snacks and sweets to be grabbed by the guests. I've got lots of snack and sweets to eat along the journey back home.

Picture time with the newly couple

I'm singing Nobolou Nangku iti Tupusku (Maybe my love was blinded) by Hain Jasli.

Sepak Manggis is traditional activity to show accuracy of kicking the takraw ball right onto the target. The target which shaped like a house is placed about 20m from the ground.

The Tip Of Borneo, Kudat, Sabah.

Date : 28 May 2008
Venue : The Tip Of Borneo, Kudat

The Tip Of Borneo is also known as Simpang Mengayau in local language. Simpang is junction. Meanwhile ‘mengayau’ is from a Rungus Tirbe’s language, ‘mangazou’ means war. Therefore, Simpang Mengayau is most likely a place of war. It was named that way because Sempang Mengayau was used by the Rungus people to guard their territory from pirates attack in 18th and 19th century.

Geographically, Simpang Mengayau also known as The Tip of Borneo because of it location is merely at the end of the Kudat’s tip. Some people may call it di hujung dunia (at the end of the world).

This place is located approximately 40km away from Kudat. If we refer to history, Ferdinand Magellan (a legendary sailor) had landed here in Sempang Mengayau to fix his boat. At the same time, he gather foods and water from the local people before continues his journey.

I have to admit that Simpang Mengayau is beautiful place to hang around. This image shows a slippery rock at the very end of the tip. Down there, you can feel the vibration of the wave and wind crashing your body.. cool!

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MOSTI Exhibition

Date : 24 May 2008
Venue : Kota Marudu.

I went to see an exhibition organized by the MOSTI (Ministry of Science and Information Technology). This exhibition is also organized due to Kaamatan Celebration for this district. There are many departments and NGO involved in this exhibition including agriculture department, meteorology department, chemistry department, banks (BSN and AgroBank) etc.

These are some of my favorite pictures to share with you.

This 'thing' is used to measure you hand battery. According to the explaination, the moist of our hands contain ion.

I cannot solve this puzzle.. (form a shape of T and an arrow using the shapes).

This kakak explains how to register domain name with extention dot my (.my). According to her, a rent for a domain name can cost almost RM100.. gila!

5 Spartan tablet = RM50. Cheap? These kakak laughing when I tried to capture their image in front of the Spartan tablet. A man, whosoever consume this tablet can play longer in the bed.. hmmm.. patutlah these kakak malu2.. heheh

Monday, June 9, 2008

Doren's Wedding Day

Date : 25 May 2008
Venue : SDA Church of Damai, Kota Marudu

A newly friend of mine invited me to his cousin wedding in Damai SDA Church, Kota Marudu. I’ve spent time 2 nights in his house (Kg. Tingkalanon, Tandek) and it feels like home. I remember my past life where there is no water supply in our house, and yet here I am again with the well 

Living together in this newly known family made a little bit awkward. Surprisingly, the bride’s younger brother is my dorm mate in Goshen Adventist Secondary School, Kota Marudu. And also, my brother-in-law, a pastor was indirectly involved in this wedding. Funny how people met, right? Just like me and this newly friend.

These beautiful girls are wearing Lapoi, a traditional cloths wore by the Kimaragang Tribe

The runway inside the church is ready made for the ceremony.

The blessing made by the pastor... the couple must say 'yes, I do'.. no more turning back yaa.. hehe

Burning the candle..

Take the 'net' off your face.. I want to see your original face! heheh..

Three little angels..

Parents from both sides.

Family member from the bridegroom (From Sarawak).

The family member from the bride..

Beringgis Beach Resort, Papar

Date : 12 – 16 May 2008
Venue: Beringgis Beach Resort, Papar.

This is my 4th visit in this district- Papar. First was at Borneo Paradise, Kinarut Papar for a camping. Second was at Membakut Eco Lake Training Center and the third visit was at Papar Firefighter Quarters to my friends’ sister.

Beringgis Beach Resort is serenely situated on a stretch of soft sandy beach that faces the wide expanses of the South China Sea. It has few of blocks of rooms (Mawar Superior, Mawar Deluxe, Dinawan Deluxe guestroom, Mawar Duplex and Chalet), WiFi ready in the lobby, Cabana Café for to enjoy cocktail, karaoke and sunsets. It also has main café known as Hornbill Café at the left wings of the lobby, it has at least 2 halls (for bouquet, ceremony, seminar, course), an multi use field especially as a volleyball court, a pool and the most precious is the beach itself!

For the whole time I’ve been there, I never have enough time to explore all these. Not because I don’t have sufficient time to spent but because of laziness and weather condition fabricated as one BIG problem. Hehe… at last, I manage to take my revenge back! On 11.30 p.m. in my last day (16 May), my uncle who comes along all the way from KK took me for a drink. I have no idea where we were that night but I’m sure it was after 2 a.m when I was in my room. Drunk!

I also have this sweet memory when I spread the ‘jadikah?’ disease. It is a simple statement from ‘Jadikah, perlukah saya jelaskan?’ (so, should I explain?). I make use it as a simple sentence to kill any futher questions (when I think it is not relevant or appropriate). This sentence is so contagious that made my friends laughing. Sometimes they use it to make fun with me too.. (I am so done! Kotoh!) hehe..

These are the picture. Enjoy!
The course participant..

Pieces of Teachers' Day cake... I didn't taste any of it. Sold out!

More info, please visit here.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Kudat District Sport Day 2008

District Sports Day was held in kudat from 11 to 15 February 2008. I personally have two athletes to compete in this game. My athlete (Alex) who competes in high jump won bronze with 1.22 m, less 2 cm from his previous record in MSSM Zon. His former competitor in MSS Zon, Aron Fadly won silver with 1.24cm using fusbury-flop method. The gold medal was won with a record of 1.30 cm. My second athletes (Rein) assisted his team by wining silver in 4 X 200m. The boys also won silver in 4X100m. Our contingent (MSSM Zon Parapat) also won a few more medals. Cheryl Chung Yee Ting won gold in woman high jump with 1.35cm. She also won gold in woman 80m hurdle. Jessy Jo Ann won gold in woman long jump with 3.60cm. The girls team won silver in 4X100m. although they placed 4th in 4X200m, but they still crowned with silver because two team were found foul. I am expecting more bright stars this year but I don’t see anything spectacular yet. Last year, I’ve seen the best runner in our district Robinson Robin which I heard also won Silver 100m in state level (Sabah).

Other than Primary students, we also have athletes from secondary to compete. They all are very driven young man and eager to win any color of medal. I think some of them are well known in district or state. Felnidiah Lok Lassim is one of my favourite. She was a Kudat girl who won gold medal in 80m hurdle (12.5 s) and 200m hurdle (29.24 s – still a record until July 2007) in Australia made her one of the most wanted athlete in Sabah. She also hold the record of 80m hurdle, 100m and 200m hurdle from district to state. Another well known athelete in Kudat and also hold a record in their event was Max Anzie Jetol (Javelin, lontar peluru), Elton Evon Jingkin (400m, 800m, 1500 and 4 X 400m), Ronzie Maidin (high jump) and Elveana Jamaris, Rich Anthony Oginda.

These are some information about their achievement and still a current record.
P/s: I didn’t specify category for this.

Felnidiah Lok Lassim
MSSMR 2003 – 80 m hurdle (14.62 s)
MSSGMR 2006 – 100m hurdle (17.09 s)
MSSSR 2005 – 100 m hurdle (15.30 s)
MSSGMR 2005 – 200 m hurdle (32.94 s)
MSSSR 2006 – 200m hurdle (29.80 s)
MSSMR 2006 – 200m hurdle (29.30 s)
MSSGMR 2007 – 100m hurdle (15.81 s)
MSSGMR 2008 – 200 m (27.07 s)
MSSGMR 2008 – 100 m (15.81 s)

Press Release:

Max Anzie Jetol
MSSGMR 2007 – Javelin (42.88 m)
MSSGMR 2007 – Lontar peluru (12.33 m)
MSSGMR 2008 – lontar peluru (12.40 m)

Elton Evon Jingkin
MSSGMR 2006 – 800m (2.06.09 s)
MSSGMR 2007 – 800 m (2.05.34 s)

Ronzie Maidin
MSSGMR 2006 – high jump (1.73 m)
MSSSR 2007 – high jump (1.82 m)

Elveana Jamaris
MSSGMR 2005 – 200 m (29.25 s)
MSSGMR 2005 – 100 m (13.94 s)

MSSGMR – Majlis Sukan Sekolah Peringkat Gabungan Kota Marudu, Sabah. (Rekod).
MSSSR – Majlis Sukan Sekolah Peringkat Sabah (Rekod).
MSSMR – Majlis Sukan Sekolah Peringkat Kebangsaan, Malaysia. (Rekod).

These are some of the picture. Enjoy :)

This is the gun used to 'release' the athelete from the startling line

The girl with blue shirt is Jessy Jo Ann. Cute!

These are our boys athelete

The caring Felnidiah try to fix the ribbon

Felnidiah with her action in 400m hurdle