Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Date : 30 May 2008
Venue : Kg. Gonok, Kota Belud.

A friend of mine, Martha Emy is having her wedding ceremony in her parents house in Kg. Gonok. I don’t know where is this village name taken.. perhaps it is from word ‘togonok’ in Rungus language which means house flies. Hehe.. joking! Martha was my college mate in Keningau. We are close enough because we were also a classmate. In group activity, Martha will always with the smartest student.

Two weeks ago, she caught my glimpse in a restaurant in KK. She handed me the wedding invitation. It had come to my intention not to come there (at first) because I’m don’t have enough information about which road to use. Plus, I don’t want my dear MyVi to get hurt by the pebbles and dust along the road. Instead of thinking these bad situations, I tried to think positively. I bring along my friends through the long and dusty journey to her ceremony.

I do a lot of ‘pongivasan’ this week. Night before her wedding, we were at Kg. Paradason, Kudat. Also ‘mongivas’ in my friends house, Fadrin. We did ‘aramaiti’ and today, we did the ‘aramaiti’ again in her house. Fun but dangerous!

Pongivasan – a place of the party or ceremony held (wedding)
Mongivas – attending party or ceremony
Aramaitii – a slang used to express the enjoyment and happiness. Sometimes refers to a drinking alcohol activity.

My dear MyVi 1.3 S.E have to suffer on the dusty and long winded journey.. when I back home, I found it scratched on its lips.. huhu..

This picture is taken on the shooting field of Kem Paradise, not far from the bride's home.

Oboyz look like a Korean, Jels more like an England boy and me.. Brazilian..

Mahligai that contain snacks and sweets to be grabbed by the guests. I've got lots of snack and sweets to eat along the journey back home.

Picture time with the newly couple

I'm singing Nobolou Nangku iti Tupusku (Maybe my love was blinded) by Hain Jasli.

Sepak Manggis is traditional activity to show accuracy of kicking the takraw ball right onto the target. The target which shaped like a house is placed about 20m from the ground.

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