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Kudat District Sport Day 2008

District Sports Day was held in kudat from 11 to 15 February 2008. I personally have two athletes to compete in this game. My athlete (Alex) who competes in high jump won bronze with 1.22 m, less 2 cm from his previous record in MSSM Zon. His former competitor in MSS Zon, Aron Fadly won silver with 1.24cm using fusbury-flop method. The gold medal was won with a record of 1.30 cm. My second athletes (Rein) assisted his team by wining silver in 4 X 200m. The boys also won silver in 4X100m. Our contingent (MSSM Zon Parapat) also won a few more medals. Cheryl Chung Yee Ting won gold in woman high jump with 1.35cm. She also won gold in woman 80m hurdle. Jessy Jo Ann won gold in woman long jump with 3.60cm. The girls team won silver in 4X100m. although they placed 4th in 4X200m, but they still crowned with silver because two team were found foul. I am expecting more bright stars this year but I don’t see anything spectacular yet. Last year, I’ve seen the best runner in our district Robinson Robin which I heard also won Silver 100m in state level (Sabah).

Other than Primary students, we also have athletes from secondary to compete. They all are very driven young man and eager to win any color of medal. I think some of them are well known in district or state. Felnidiah Lok Lassim is one of my favourite. She was a Kudat girl who won gold medal in 80m hurdle (12.5 s) and 200m hurdle (29.24 s – still a record until July 2007) in Australia made her one of the most wanted athlete in Sabah. She also hold the record of 80m hurdle, 100m and 200m hurdle from district to state. Another well known athelete in Kudat and also hold a record in their event was Max Anzie Jetol (Javelin, lontar peluru), Elton Evon Jingkin (400m, 800m, 1500 and 4 X 400m), Ronzie Maidin (high jump) and Elveana Jamaris, Rich Anthony Oginda.

These are some information about their achievement and still a current record.
P/s: I didn’t specify category for this.

Felnidiah Lok Lassim
MSSMR 2003 – 80 m hurdle (14.62 s)
MSSGMR 2006 – 100m hurdle (17.09 s)
MSSSR 2005 – 100 m hurdle (15.30 s)
MSSGMR 2005 – 200 m hurdle (32.94 s)
MSSSR 2006 – 200m hurdle (29.80 s)
MSSMR 2006 – 200m hurdle (29.30 s)
MSSGMR 2007 – 100m hurdle (15.81 s)
MSSGMR 2008 – 200 m (27.07 s)
MSSGMR 2008 – 100 m (15.81 s)

Press Release:

Max Anzie Jetol
MSSGMR 2007 – Javelin (42.88 m)
MSSGMR 2007 – Lontar peluru (12.33 m)
MSSGMR 2008 – lontar peluru (12.40 m)

Elton Evon Jingkin
MSSGMR 2006 – 800m (2.06.09 s)
MSSGMR 2007 – 800 m (2.05.34 s)

Ronzie Maidin
MSSGMR 2006 – high jump (1.73 m)
MSSSR 2007 – high jump (1.82 m)

Elveana Jamaris
MSSGMR 2005 – 200 m (29.25 s)
MSSGMR 2005 – 100 m (13.94 s)

MSSGMR – Majlis Sukan Sekolah Peringkat Gabungan Kota Marudu, Sabah. (Rekod).
MSSSR – Majlis Sukan Sekolah Peringkat Sabah (Rekod).
MSSMR – Majlis Sukan Sekolah Peringkat Kebangsaan, Malaysia. (Rekod).

These are some of the picture. Enjoy :)

This is the gun used to 'release' the athelete from the startling line

The girl with blue shirt is Jessy Jo Ann. Cute!

These are our boys athelete

The caring Felnidiah try to fix the ribbon

Felnidiah with her action in 400m hurdle

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