Tuesday, June 10, 2008

MOSTI Exhibition

Date : 24 May 2008
Venue : Kota Marudu.

I went to see an exhibition organized by the MOSTI (Ministry of Science and Information Technology). This exhibition is also organized due to Kaamatan Celebration for this district. There are many departments and NGO involved in this exhibition including agriculture department, meteorology department, chemistry department, banks (BSN and AgroBank) etc.

These are some of my favorite pictures to share with you.

This 'thing' is used to measure you hand battery. According to the explaination, the moist of our hands contain ion.

I cannot solve this puzzle.. (form a shape of T and an arrow using the shapes).

This kakak explains how to register domain name with extention dot my (.my). According to her, a rent for a domain name can cost almost RM100.. gila!

5 Spartan tablet = RM50. Cheap? These kakak laughing when I tried to capture their image in front of the Spartan tablet. A man, whosoever consume this tablet can play longer in the bed.. hmmm.. patutlah these kakak malu2.. heheh

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