Monday, June 9, 2008

Doren's Wedding Day

Date : 25 May 2008
Venue : SDA Church of Damai, Kota Marudu

A newly friend of mine invited me to his cousin wedding in Damai SDA Church, Kota Marudu. I’ve spent time 2 nights in his house (Kg. Tingkalanon, Tandek) and it feels like home. I remember my past life where there is no water supply in our house, and yet here I am again with the well 

Living together in this newly known family made a little bit awkward. Surprisingly, the bride’s younger brother is my dorm mate in Goshen Adventist Secondary School, Kota Marudu. And also, my brother-in-law, a pastor was indirectly involved in this wedding. Funny how people met, right? Just like me and this newly friend.

These beautiful girls are wearing Lapoi, a traditional cloths wore by the Kimaragang Tribe

The runway inside the church is ready made for the ceremony.

The blessing made by the pastor... the couple must say 'yes, I do'.. no more turning back yaa.. hehe

Burning the candle..

Take the 'net' off your face.. I want to see your original face! heheh..

Three little angels..

Parents from both sides.

Family member from the bridegroom (From Sarawak).

The family member from the bride..

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