Thursday, October 11, 2007

The Natural Love Bites in Your Body has a meaning!

I had this mole next to my upper lips (just like Cindy Crawford) and I wonder if there is any mean.Instead of looking someone’s butt, we can also predict someone’s character by locate the moles (a.k.a moleoscopy) in their skin Said the Cleo Magazine. The shape and location of moles on the body indicate a lot about a person’s character. It says that the bigger, darker and multiple moles have more significance that smaller, lighter and less-noticeable ones. Check this out!

Forehead: If located on the right side, you’re very lucky; recognition, honours, fame and great wealth could be yours. If it’s on the left, life will be a bit of struggle and you’ll have to work hard for success.

Eyebrows: a mole between your brows indicates that you’re excitable, active and a deep thinker. The larger it is, the more selfish you can be, and you need to keep your ego in check.

Eyes, or close to: indicates honesty and forthrightness, but can also mean low self-esteem and a need for lots of attention and love. Be careful who you choose as friend and lovers.

Nose: you’re sincere, loyal and an excellent marriage or business partner. You can also achieve wealth no matter what circumstances life brings you.

Cheeks: You’re serious, spiritual and always searching fro life’s purpose. You’re not interested in superficial relationships or wealth - you’d rather find inner peace and meaning.

Lips, or close to: You’re never satisfied, always searching for perfection within yourself and are very self-critical. The more towards the left the mole is, the more you tend to dwell on the past and yearn for greener pastures.

Chin: You love challenges and none are too big to face – you strive for success and will achieve a lot through your conscientious and commonsense approach to life.

Neck: You’re sincere, shy, gently and classy, and quite selective with your friends and lovers. You’ll have ups and downs in life, but you’ll get through them all and come out on top.

Shoulders: You excel in sports. A mole on your left shoulder can reveal a tendency to be easily satisfied, which can lead to happiness, while one on the right shoulder indicates you’re careful and loyal yet a little restless.

Arms: If it’s on the left arm, you’re polite, serious and determined on the right shoulder indicates you’re careful and yet a little restless.
Chest: You’re family-oriented but can struggle with finances and tend to be a little lazy at times.

Breasts: A mole on the right breast means you’re good in relationships but sometimes can be argumentative and a bit of a troublemaker; one on the left reveals you’re active, health-conscious and interested in outdoor activities.

Stomach: You love a good time, food and good friends, but you can sometimes be a little self-indulgent. You may also have a weakness for gambling and be a tad impatient.

Bottom: Indicates that you’re highly sexed but lacking in ambition.

Legs: You’ll experience many changes in life and perhaps even live in a foreign country. You’re adaptable to change, always moving and changing jobs. A mole on the left leg can indicate a bad temper and possible laziness; on the right reveals that you are energetic but may run from commitments.

Feet: You need to feel secure and don’t really like taking big risks. You’re thoughtful, willing to share, practical and have a good sense of humour.

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