Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Butt Reading

Do you believe that we can read someone’s character based on their physical? I don’t know but CLEO Magazine on their July 2007 issue (Page 220) mentioned that we can be a psychic by reading man’s bum and tell our future. Butt reading – scarily accurate methods that will unlock your destiny just by gawking at his behind! Check it out!

Kiwi Fruit
Someone with a small, firm, tight butt holds their emotions inside and runs on nervous energy. If they don’t learn how to get those emotions out, they could have disasters love affairs, which start off strong but then end for no real reason. High levels of stress can lead to physical symptoms, so it’s important to stay healthy, exercise and eat correctly. Drama is also more likely for this group.

These people are very passionate about everything, and they make great lovers with the right person. They’re very popular with the opposite sex, and can sometimes be led to temptation, so they need someone really special who’ll keep them from getting restless. Goal-oriented, pears are very successful in life. They’re also great mates, loyal friends and lovers of family tradition and children.

They can be a bit of a know-it-all, but they’re very funny, down-to-earth and extremely loyal, as well as very loving and talkative. In extreme cases some beans are very tight with money. They’re forever starting something new, like exercise, a diet or study course, but can lack the willpower to finish what they started unless they see success early on.

If their bottom is shapely and firm, they’re sensual and enjoy all that life has to offer. Watermelons are very good listeners, ambitious but can sometimes be insecure. They hold a lot of other people’s secret, and are often misunderstood, so they must ensure they clarify their thoughts when talking with others. This group loves music and also appreciates family.

This type of loves harmony and is well-balanced with an even temper. Generally optimistic, they’re very adaptable to change, and need challenges otherwise they could become bored. They may appear shy and reserved around love matters, but watch them - they are highly sexed with the right partner. Peaches are honest with traditional values, but can be people pleasers at times.

Like being busy, and will attract many friends from all walks of life. They’re charismatic, highly talented and excellent communicators but, most of all, they’re hard working. Their choice of partner is very important as they can’t stand clinging vines – they desperately need their freedom. Oranges also refuse to tolerate fools and have a shrewd business sense.

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