Friday, October 12, 2007

Car colour- Clue to your personality

The Malaysian Women’s Weekly- November 2001 issue (Page 142) tells that our pick to car’s colour can reveal our personality. The study is based on ancient Egyptians beliefs that colour was the key to our emotions, individuality and even physical well-being. Today, studies have proven that your choice of car colour is one of the biggest clues to your personality. Research has shown that customers are always drawn to the car colour that connects them to their true temperament.

You’re a go-getter
Silver is the colour of aeroplanes, rocket ships and speeding bullets – and just like those, you move at breakneck speed. Silver car owners are not likely to dwell on problems. Instead, you pick yourself up, dust yourself off and take action! No roadblock slows you down; whether it’s a tight budget or leaky sink you confront obstacles by dreaming up your unique solutions. Though you may sometimes get discouraged, you never let things get you down- and the results you get when you try and try again are amazing.

You reach for the stars
Just like the little black dress, a black car symbolises powerm prestige and elegance, although you’re happy with your job, friends and lived ones, you strive towards elevating yourself whenever you can. Whether you exercise regularly at the gym or save your extra grocery marketing money for the kids’ university fees, your philosophy is “You’ll never get anywhere if you don’t try!” that’s why you and your family are on your way up- full speed ahead.

You’re the queen of reason
White car-lovers tend to be calm and collected, assessing the while picture before reacting, since you’re such a reasonable person, other trust you to handle problems in a fair manner. Your calm determination always gets the job done – but when the road gets rocky, let your heart lead the way. It’ll never steer you wrong.

You’re fuelled by emotion
Red-car buyers have passionate temperaments that are fuelled by their emotions and run on their instinct. Since you’re so in tune with your intuition, your choices are usually right on target! Your natural intuition makes you sensitive to the unspoken signals of others, and friends often marvel your ‘sixth sense’ for picking up on hidden details. That’s why your advice – and our counsel – are so highly valued.

You’re generous
Traditionally, green is not only the colour of money, but also of generosity and faith. That’s why green-car owners are the first to give of their time and money when others are in need. And because you like to see people happy, you delight in giving gifts and often bring home little trinkets for a loved one. Your belief that it’s better to give than to receive ensures you’ll always travel along the road to fulfilment.

You’re optimistic
Blue-car owners drive on the sunny side of the street because they’re optimistic people. Your good humour is so appreciated that everyone you know feels a little lighter once they’ve spent a few minutes with you! His upbeat attitude keeps you healthy and youthful – and winds you enough good friends to fill a people-mover van.

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