Sunday, October 14, 2007

Meaning beyond your FLIRT name!

Everybody has a name .. or names.. are they? Me either have a name. Here..
It reads as “Slash dash slash vertical line underscore slash dash slash…” you know the rest. I don’t have to explain it.
Ok now, here is the definition or the meaning beyond your name… try it. It wont hurt and absolutely free.

A – You do your thinking in silent manner
B – You take cautions to each new person you know
C - You are funny and have the courage to take it in action
D – Hard for you to trust others
E – You are charming
F – Everybody loves you
G –You have your own strength to evaluate someone
H - You don’t like to punish others
I – You like to smile and make everybody smiles back to you
J – You are jealous
K – You like to try something new
L – You believe that love is serious matter and need to be appreciated
M – Easy for you to successful
N – You like to work but at the same time, you’d like to take some rest
O – You are open minded
P – You are warm and understanding person
Q – You are hypocrite
R – You are social person
S – You have this wide perspective manner
T – You have a great creditability
U – You think that you are equal with others
V – You have the look and shape
W – You like privacy
X – You don’t listen to advice
Y - You are the trouble maker
Z - You are fighter

Remaja Magazine, October 2007 issue (page 140)

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