Sunday, October 21, 2007

Tribute to Dr. Sheikh Muzaphar Syukur

First of all, I would like to congratulate our Dr. Sheikh Muzaphar Syukur for being the first astronaut of Malaysia. As for now, I can say that you are truly inspiration to all of the youngsters and the whole Malaysian as well. Although we don’t know each other, but deep in our heart, there is a goal to pursue – to serve this lovely country of Malaysia.

Being the first Malaysian ever to travel with that Soyuz Capsule is such an honour. Because of that, you become the most popular guy. We look up to you as the brightest star in the clear night sky. You are the pioneer. People adore your achievement. Therefore, we hope that you can be a model of this nations and examples to those driven, ambitious and encouraged youth.

The moment you take off from earth to ISS is the moment you lift the Malaysia name to the world. It attracts people attention. For those admire you, they gave you compliment and appreciation. They even say ‘I Love You’ to show their respects to you. And for those who have this narrow band mind, would say this is kind of critics. They said that it such a waste which I think was spoke by the politic loser. I can see now why they are unsuccessful in politic. There are also brat voices from outsiders mentioned that you are astourist rather than as an astronauts. Those guys are green with envy and their agenda is to insult Malaysia on purpose. I don’t know why they have to be that way.. maybe they seen different sun and moon up there. Or maybe they eat gold and drink petrol as their daily diet? I don’t have to answer but it seems to us that this big brother of nations got jealous to his potential young brother (Malaysia).

Just what I’ve said, tears come as long as smiles. There is no easy road to successful. Meaning to say, there is no gain without pain (No pain, no gain). This is the road we pick and there are challenges. All we need to do is to be strong and well prepared. For Dr. Sheikh, we are glad to have you up there, near to the other creation of God. You made us proud. And for that, hope you always remember this, FOR WE WALK BY FAITH, NOT BY SIGHT!

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