Saturday, October 10, 2009

The KDP 14M OUM-PJJ Student, Tawau

KDP stands for Kursus Dalam Perkhidmatan (Course in Service). I'm not sure if I translated it right, at least it heard similar. Course in service or KDP means you attend course (mostly with a long peroid of time) while you are in service with the government. This course doesn't affect you salary. Its paid even you are not working at that whole time. PJJ stands for Pengajian Jarak Jauh or Distance Learning. Anyone who involve with distance learning are mostly working in private or government sectors. Im one of the citizen who works for the government and work for myself to get degree in the future. I choose to study at OUM (Open University of Malaysia) because it is the first virtual univeristy that you can attend and very suitable for working person. OUM provide an Open Market course to those who want to afford their own scholarship fees and the second is specially for the government servant, in other words, the scholarship is sponsored by the government. In my case, my scholarship is sponsored by Ministry of Education.

Our learning center is at IPGM Tawau, Sabah. It is wonderful place to study. Most of the building is new, the lanscape is wonderful and accomodation is most likely satisfying. My very favourite is the gym. It offers a fitness gym and three badminton courts that we can spent most of our evening hitting the shuttlecock. It just that I don't have any moment there captured in my digital imaging equipment. As for the bad side, IPGM Kampus Tawau offers a limited parking space, a distant hostel and lecture rooms, unstable water supply and too much rules and restrictions. I don't think I have to elaborate them as I think for those who spent half decade of their life there will surely comprehend. Therefore, my deeply apologize goes to whom it may concern or offended. This isn't a politic or criticsm but merely just a statement from my humble opinion (Thank you for reading). This is some of my pictures there.

My Classmates...

Taken at Hotel Emas, Tawau. This is the fairwell ceremony..

This is considered the last photographing session before we leave the campus

At one of the restaurant at RnR food centre (our mostly visited food center)

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