Sunday, July 6, 2008

Spelling Error

Spelling error is common problem in language. Even an adult experience this problem. For an adult, spelling error occurred when they rarely use the word or they didn’t alert to the right spelling until it become habit to do it over and over again. It’s happening mostly because of careless. That’s my opinion.

Spelling error can happen to primary students when they didn’t acquire the phonic skills. A phonic skills is simply mean say or pronounce syllables and words. But first, pupils must know alphabet, the consonant and vocal. Of course I can’t explain everything here. Trying to avoid any misunderstanding or making any wrong points.

Last Monday, we’ve been conducting a test to the kids. One of the questions was spelling skill. Here are their answers on how to spell CROCODILE.

Crocodile spelled KORDOYAI ...

KORIBAY... (e-bay? Weston Bay?..)

KOOKEDAI... (kedai..?)

KOKORIDI.. (Koridi or mendidih?)

KOKORADAI... (nokoridai..? hehe)

Almost got the right spelling.. COCORODAI (means: tomorrow never die!)

The worst... BIAWAK! (can he/ she differentiate crocodile and biawak?)

And the real crocodile.. beware! Buaya daratttt!! hehe

Its funny to read, but worst to know that English is hard subject. Nowadays, english proficiency is very demanding especially in education. Under the PPSMI programme (Teaching and Learning Science Mathematics in English), our government believes that by changing the classroom language to english can lead this nation to move forward in development. As we look to this spelling test result, do you think that PPSMI is the best bet to development? Will it successful? Isn’t it hard?


wahaza extra said...

HAHAHAHHA! Funny....

geimon said...

mana satu yg buaya ni... kekeke