Thursday, July 9, 2009

Hunters' Singing Competition

Remember that I've joined a preliminaries for a singing competitin at HUnter's Pub and Lounge? Yup, I did and I failed. By my friend Feraddy A. Okuling did made us proud by winning this competiting. As I can say, he is very talented and obviously the winner of the night. Second place won by Jovia. She's got a high range of voice that amazed the judges (Robert Angkangon, Vincen Duan, Asli and Ivy Alexandra). Thir plce won by a college student that comes all they way from Philippines, Bob. He's got a nice tone, very many but 'puta'! hehe

The winner, Feraddy, performs Thank You For Loving Me (Bon Jovi) and The Greatest Love of All (Whitney Houston).

1st Runner up, Jovia, peforms I Have Nothing (Mariah Carey) and Listen (Beyonce).

4th Place, Jenny Gaising, peforms Gemilang (Jaclyn Victor) and Mathari (Agnes Monica). Em.. sexy huh!

The competition also coloured by special perfomance by Malvin Kalbin, The 2008 State's Sugandoi Champion. For all the contestans, Congratulations because you all are the winner. There is no term of lost in such competition. The most important is the spirit of competing and to achieve self desire.

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